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Blackhawk Patrol


Create your Patrol webpage and send it to Mr. Lanahan. Below are some hints of things you may want to include on your web page(s). Use pictures, but above all make it fun. If you don't have a web software, then use Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. Most products will allow you to have the document as HTML. If not, send me what you have. You can also send pictures seperately.

By creating a webpage you will have completed some of the requirements for the 'Computer Merit Badge' as well.

Our Patrol consists of the following scouts...

Dylan C.
Thomas D.
Matt E.
Sam F.
Bert M.
Drake M.
Davis P.
Jonathan R.
Mathew S.
Clay S.
Jackson T.

Our Patrol Flag looks like?

Our Patrol Room looks like?

Our Patrol 'Yell' is?

Our Patrol likes to do the following together?

Our Patrol Webmaster is?

Here are some of our Patrol pictures.

Note: Do not include personal contact information and last names on your webpage(s). 


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