Troop 137

        Leadership in Troop 137       

“The more responsibility the Scoutmaster gives his patrol leaders the more they will respond.”

“Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man."

"The patrol system is not one method in which Scouting for boys can be carried on.  It is the only method."

- Lord Baden-Powell (founder of Scouting)

Leadership is one of the foundations of Scouting and is one of the very purposes the skills and training for boys in a troop exist.  The 'patrol method' is paramount in creating and maintaining a healthy Boy Scout troop.  This is critical for the development of both youth and the unit's adult volunteers.  Troop 137 believes in creating strong leaders and leading by example.

Leadership Roles

1) Youth Leadership

2) Adult Leadership

Leadership History for Troop 137

17 Dec. 2018, JRG