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Merit Badge Information

Parent Note
If not already done, please consider creating a "MyScouting" account by visiting the MyScouting page and then visit the E-Learning section. The E-Learning Course Management System provides a selection of courses for adult volunteers that may be taken for credit. E-learning will be integrated into each member's account. Two courses that would be of benefit for adults attending Waterworld are "Safe Swim Defense" and "Safety Afloat".

Canoeing & Kayaking Merit Badges
Instructors:  Markus Kunz and James Green

Click here for requirements for the Canoeing merit badge and here for requirements for Kayaking merit badge.

Motor Boating Merit Badge
Instructor: Skip Beasley and Griff Irby

Click here for requirements for this badge.

Beginning January 1, 2005, boat operators born after January 1, 1989 must show a TWRA- issued card as proof of successful completion of a nationally approved boater education course approved by the TWRA.

Scouts must take the Tennessee Boaters Motor Boating Exam prior to operating any fishing boat at Water World. This will apply to all scouts, even if they already have the merit badge.

To help Scouts with the exam, we will be teaching the course on July 17th at the Franklin Christian Church, 4040 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, TN. The State test will be administered immediately following the training. Contact Skip Beasley at to register for the class.

If you are interested in receiving the motor-boating merit badge and/or legally driving a boat then:

Class may be limited in size and consideration will be given to Scouts first.

Fishing Merit Badge
Instructor: Dave Evans

Click here for requirements for this badge.

Water Sports Merit Badge
Instructor: Griff Irby and Skip Beasley

Click here for requirements for this badge.

Rowing Merit Badge
Instructor: Skip Beasley and Griff Irby

Click here for requirements for this badge.

Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge
Instructor: TBD

Click here for requirements for this badge.

If you want to Start the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge you will need to Study the Booklet.

With only two Sailing Days at Water World we will have to schedule additional time after Water World on sail boats (recommended for Scout who have earned Motor Boat and Canoeing MB)

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