Troop 137 Contacts

It takes our committee members, Assistant Scoutmasters, registered adults, and involved parents to run a successful troop program. Many help organize and lead individual events and are not listed here but these contacts can help you find answers to questions. General questions should be directed to

Position Name Contact Information
Scoutmaster John Green, Jr.
(615) 794-5296
Troop Committee Chair Richard Grayson
(615) 591-0466

Advancement Committee Chair

Boards of Review

Venturing Crew Advisor

Troop Committee member

Allen Henry

Water World Coordinator

Troop Committee member

Griff Irby

Christmas Trees Sales Coordinator

Troop Committee member

Jeff Green

Summer Camp Coordinator

Class B shirts

Troop Committee member

David Grayson

Outdoor Program Coordinator

Training Coordinator

Venturing Crew Associate Advisor

Webmaster - TM Web

Troop Committee member

James Green

Troop Finances and Budget

Troop Committee member

Harry Fisk

Merit Badge Coordinator

Troop Committee member

Debbie Alcorn

Registration Coordinator

Troop Committee member

Sarah Hanson

Equipment Coordinators


Troop Committee members

Markus Kunz

Henry Rendleman

Weekly Newsletter Coordinator

Troop Committee Member

Andre Brousseau
Google Group Email Coordinators Allen Henry

James Green
Troop Garden coordinator Jason Wyckoff

09 Aug 2017 JRG